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Margot Guralnick

Onion Grass Ballet

by Margot Guralnick 

Bronx, NY USA

March 14,2020

Botanical artist Margot Guralnick is the creator of Dog Walk Diary, a daily art practice in which she makes and photographs ephemeral creations from finds gathered on outings with her rescue dog, Enrique. Her work is an attempt to decipher nature’s hieroglyphics and create order and pattern out of her discoveries. It's also an atheist's daily devotional—something so necessary in these scary times. 

Instagram: @dogwalkdiarynyc

This is a list of rooms in our house 

by Deidre Huckabay 

Chicago IL

March 18, 2020

Deidre Huckabay
IMG_3284 - Deidre Huckabay.jpeg
Josie Bettman

I am a musician, writer, and artist living and working in Chicago. I am part of the performance art collective Mocrep and the experimental cassette tape label Parlour Tapes+. This poem is extremely simple but it is a good representation of what I am up to in the quarantine era, a time of interiors, of keeping tabs, of accounting for what I have to offer others. Everything is coming out in list form.


by Josie Bettman

Queens NY

March 27 2020

Our lower flank edges

Your cupped hands

 swipe, frame the trailer hitch.


Today we smell fish

They rinsed out our interior

food remnants left on the ground

we yawn halfway open 

for your footsteps to ping in,



Your footsteps are allowed to be seen here

cruising backwards to narrate, press our flanks,

the courtyard for a shiny

little hope of bouncing off,

or at least a lighting scenario,

if not our possible slide back,

the crush of our weight.

Josie Bettman is an artist engaging text, video, and live performance in order to question modes of producing visibility. Their recent work proposes a dysphoric aesthetic of friction and effort by layering time in folds and loops. Technologies, broadly defined to include spaces, material substances, cameras, and screens, all play roles in their collaborative practice.

Instagram: @scum_network

KINOYME spiti 

by Konstantinos Katsamakis and Stella Mastorosteriou

Thessaloniki, Greece 

March 15 2020 - Present 

Katsamakis + Mastorosteriou

Stella Mastorosteriou and Konstantinos Katsamakis are dancers, choreographers and dance teachers based in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2012 they founded KINOYME dance studio.

Instagram: @kinoumestudio

Instagram: @stella_mastoro

remnants (35mm)

by Olana Z Flynn 

Greenport NY, USA

March 28, 2020

Olana Z Flynn

Olana is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator originally from New York. She holds an MFA in Experimental Choreography from University of California, Riverside and a BA from Hampshire College. She is a founding member of LOCULUS a dance and performance collective that creates performance in non-traditional spaces and publishes The Loculus Journal. Olana’s current research looks at improvisational movement and analog technologies for looping and layering such as 35mm photography and electronic music in relation to liminality and memory. She has had the privilege of studying and performing with artists such as Chris Aiken, Angie Hauser, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Katie Martin, Paul Matteson, and Jennifer Nugent. Her work has been performed in New York, Philadelphia, Riverside, and throughout New England. Her photography has been featured in a number of zines and journals and has been exhibited at VSOP Projects in Greenport, NY. As an educator Olana has taught and mentored students at Sarah Lawrence College, Springfield College, the University of California Riverside, and as a guest artist at a number of high schools, studios, and festivals.

Instagram: @olanazflynn

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