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abOUT me

Laura Carvalho

"abOUT me", is a fragmented text, that I assume as being my artist statement. The statment questions what we understand as BEING, and our idea regarding identity and self. The concept of BEING, the basis of Western philosophy introduced by Socrates, and immortalised in the phrase, “to be or not to be, that is the question” in Hamlet, Shakespeare, is incorporated in the concept of the text. For me to be, BE-I-NG, is to assume a self-generated process, a process of self creation that comes out in the end being an action of constant subversion of the idea that the self makes out of itself. Establishing a horizontal relationship of intimacy between myself and my multiple references, which are articulated in dynamic text, a kind of "patchwork quilt" , where everything is metaphorically stitched: concepts, experiences, bibliographical references ... A constant becoming, where through the symbolical thread, the knot and the needle are stitching new meanings, a search for dynamic ordinations, which are precarious and provisional.

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