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Slum Party 

Sunday Ozegbe Obiajulu


"I was the only Nigeria Dancer selected for a training in Artistic Activism in December 2017 organized by the Center For Artistic Activism (C4AA) based in New York. The one week training happened at Conakry, Guinea and about 20 artists selected from all over Africa were part of the training, myself being the only dancer from Nigeria. We were taken through the process of using Art as an alternative for Activism, we underwent series of research and daily tasks which ended in an actual public display of Activism using Art, at the end of the training we were certified as Artistic Activists and the rest is history."

"I organize various events in my community using dance as the frontier. An example is a performance protest myself and my dance team organized after over 15 young people were killed between January and February 2019 due to Cult related fracases in Oworonshoki community where I reside."


We started Slum Party in March 2019 to retell the narrative my Oworonshoki Community in Lagos state which was always in the news for violence and killings. 


It is an open air event in the community where we invite Artists friends from all over Lagos to come share their works and also share energies with people in community. Dancers in Oworonshoki community are the engine room of the event. 


Last year we had Three Editions, one in March, another in June, and the last one In November.  


Who comes? It's a conflux of people who reside in the community plus friends and acquaintances from outside the community as well. 


It is not just Dance performances, We have Magicians, Fire Spitters, Musicians perform, Actors, There was a photo exhibition at the last Edition and a host of other creative means to engage the audience 

"In some of my past works like 'Xombie' which was inspired by Afrobeat Pioneer Fela Kuti, I dealt extensively politics in Nigeria and the masses allowing various politicians [to] swindle them for the past 20 years of Democractic Rule in Nigeria."


Photographs by Micheal Oga

Writing is excerpted from a back and forth interview correspondence between LOCULUS and Sunday Ozegbe Obiajulu between August 2019 and January 2020.

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