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DeepContext (The Subconscious Queer Archive Project) 
rick h m

DeepContext (The Subconscious Queer Archive Project) is a series of lo-fi video ruminations that consider the functions of memory in processes of performative retelling. Utilizing the format of the "reaction video," rick h m explores what it is to capture feelings of retrospective trauma, as well as the more subliminal points of information that pervade our psychical dwellings. Ultimately, these works explore the quotidian, as well as a sense of placelessness in its "taking place" in the domains of the online, and the "existential PowerPoint presentation." How can the somatic practice of (re)presenting situational knowledge(s) pave way towards a queer critique of postmodern dance's Europeanist shortcomings within somatics? The artist's works engage with this critique by means of exploring on/offline identities, video art recontextualized as a form of choreography, and empathic relations between content-creators and web-based audiences.

1 Guy 1 Jar

2 Girls 1 Cup

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