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Contributor Bios

Alchemy Thomas

Alchemy Thomas based in Detroit Michigan began her dancing at the age of fourteen. With an eclectic background and personality to match she thrived on consuming as many styles as possible. Without limiting herself to one genre, her current style of choice is burlesque, but that does not stop her from taking in classes of every style. She has completed her master degree of Arts in Ethnochoreology at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick, Ireland.

Bailey Anderson & Rosely Conz

Bailey Anderson & Rosely Conz are a duo whose interest in creative collaborative process drives their task-based movement. They met while pursuing their MFA in Dance at CU-Boulder. Bailey studies disability and dance pedagogy, performance, feminist theory and is a Visiting Professor at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania. Rosely is a Brazilian dancer, choreographer, and educator who studies immigration, somatics, and screendance and is on a tenure-track at Alma College in Michigan.


Caroline Georgiou

I am a woman who listened to her soul and danced her dreams in a sacred space.  For a very long time, I exiled myself from conscious embodiment and connection, fearing the wealth of sensation and information I perceived.  As a counsellor dedicated to helping others recover from trauma, I initiated my own healing process by undertaking a Master of Arts in Dance and Somatic Well-being at UCLan in Preston.  Diving in to a deeply immersive process, I came to life in delicious and excruciating ways, knowing within every cell I was exactly where I needed to be.   On my journey, I became the first person to undertake somatic practice-led research in an architectural masterpiece, the Victoria and Albert Museum in Dundee, Scotland.  My article bears brief witness to the transformative experience of my soul’s search for home in this magnificent space.  If you would like to read my full research paper, please contact me at


P. Donté Cuauhtémoc 

Cuauhtémoc (Mescalero Apache, Mexika-Chichimeca/Cano ) is a Critical Dance Studies Ph.D. student at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). Their research focuses on how queer, trans* and two-spirit black, and blackened indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere have deployed the dance form of vogue (voguing/Performance) as a praxis of decolonization, resisting capitalism, transformational resilience, and radical quare'n indigenous knowledge reclamation. 


Esther S. White

Esther S. White is a visual artist and curator. Her artists’ books, textiles, and prints reveal an experimental approach to materials and an interest in personal history. Esther’s recent work examines identity, invisible illness, the Internet, motherhood, and instant imagery.

George Panourgias

George Panourgias based in Greece. He is a former drummer with studies in photography and sound engineering. The last decade he focuses on video making and editing.

Inge Hoonte 

Inge Hoonte works across writing, sound and public projects, to orchestrate and document moments of connection. While her writing is largely based on daily observations and interactions, leaving room for the imagination, she similarly performs with everyday household items and movements to compose rhythmic, improvisational soundscapes. In addition, she’s an avid cyclist, navigating purposefully and meandering aimlessly, allowing the body and mind to wander and wonder. Inge has an MA in Networked Media from the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Julie Gemuend

Julie Gemuend is a Canadian artist. Her practice is aligned with a number of intersecting movements that emerged in the 1960s, including body art, performance-based video, and land art. In her work, Gemuend aims to explore our profound connection with the natural world by probing the edges of identity and environment, interiority and exteriority, the tamed and the wild, and the places where the two merge. 


Kendall Loyer

Kendall Loyer is a PhD student at UC Riverside. She earned a BA in Dance from Columbia College Chicago and MFA Experimental Choreography from UC Riverside. Loyer is a dancer, dancemaker, educator, photographer, and writer. Her practice investigates memory, remembering and themes of loss and displacement. Her work questions the layers of queering that happen in Appalachia stemming from queer performance of dance, embodied storytelling, day-to-day labor practices and radical protest in the region.


Laura Carvalho 

Searching for different ways of living/being has worked in programs of public health promotion with people suffering from mental illness and facing the abuse of psychoactive substances in the context of vulnerability. Inside these apparently hostile environments, Carvalho found a fruitful place for the development of her visual production. The dynamic ordinations, precarious and provisional, intrinsic in these environments are the substantial matter of her artwork.


Marianna Panourgia

I am a Greek contemporary dancer, dance educator and ethnochoreologist.I hold a Diploma in Contemporary Dance Teaching and a Master of Arts in Ethnochoreology. Currently, I work as a dance professor in secondary and higher education and as an independent artist/researcher with a focus on the field of documentation of contemporary dance education/teaching. I have participated in numerous performances in Greece/abroad and have presented papers concerning the field of dance in academic conferences.


Mauriah Donegan Kraker 

Mauriah Donegan Kraker is a collaborative performance maker, walker, improviser, teacher. She is an advocate for slow travel: walking around the block and through the city as a means of attending to choreographic unfolding of time cycles in the body + land. Her background in athletics (competing as an Olympic-level athlete, touring with Pilobolus Dance Company, and being raised in a family that walked and biked everywhere) is a driver in the creation of highly physical works attentive to precision, restraint and abandon. She holds an MFA in Dance from the University of Illinois- Urbana- Champaign, where she spent her time performing duets (Jennifer Monson, Leah Wilks). Find her: walking + mapping the flatlands of the Midwest, teaching children’s dance, and touring an evening length work built on scores investigating exhaustion + endurance.  @mauriah.k   


Melanie Riccardi

Melanie Riccardi is a classical and contemporary dancer in the process of becoming recognized by the Teachers' Association at Teatro alla Scala. Riccardi is immersed in continual research of the body--how this can change within a space and how it can modify the space itself. She has worked with international artists including Tamara Cubas (Uruguay), Compania Sharon Fridman (Madrid), and Helena Waldman (Germany). She is now engaged with her projects “MuteVoliVoci” and “In Limine” at Rome Art week, Emem art Fest Vilnius LT,  and On Line Performing Festival Belgrade.


rick h m

rick h m (they/them) is an anti-disciplinary artist based in Boulder, CO. They are a current MFA (Choreography) candidate at University of Colorado Boulder, and a Graduate Part-Time Instructor in the Theatre & Dance Department. Through written and embodied forms of creative research, rick calls for a dismantling of the systems that enforce control over our abilities to liberate our social bodies. 


Solomon Szabo Kahn

Solomon “Wolfman” Szabo Kahn is more than 4 3/4. Solomon loves legos and geocaching. His favorite stuffie is a gray wolf named Wolfie. He likes to pretend to be a gray cat named Plant. Sometimes Plant is a little naughty, but mostly a good housecat. 

Stella Mastorosteriou

Stella Mastorosteriou is a dance maker and dance educator based in Thessaloniki, Greece, with background studies in Architecture and Sociology.

She co-created KINOUME dance studio in Thessaloniki, where she works, teaching and choreographing for kids and adults. She is a dance writer for Springback Magazine - Aerowaves. In August 2019, she was invited for the residency ‘Choreographing the City’ by Metropolis-Copenhagen, to develop her public space project I DON’T SEE DEER.


Sunday Ozegbe Obiajulu

Sunday Ozegbe, popularly called 'Valu' is a dancer, emerging choreographer, writer, artivist, artist, and community organizer. The young artist is the organizer of Artistes Hangout @artisteshangout_, Slum Party @_slumparty and Leader of Ennovate Dance House @ennovated. Sunday received his training from QDance Center ikoyi Lagos under the tutelage of world renowned Dancer/Choreographer Qudus Onikeku. He has registered his footprint on various dance festivals and events in Lagos, Abuja, Guinea Conakry, Accra, Ougadougou etc. He created the widely acclaimed dance piece titled 'Ijo Agba' and currently uses dance as tool for social change in his Oworonshoki Community in Lagos, Nigeria. Check his works on Instagram and Twitter: @oluwavalu


Wezile Mgibe

Award Winning Art Practitioner using interdisciplinary practice encompassing performance, visuals and installation as a tool for social change, and who exercise strong movement improvisation technique in doing so. Love and Healing are two concepts that are imperative to Wezile Mgibe’s artistic practice; he emphasises his own body in his work and considers his ability to be loved and offer love, which to him is integral to the process of internal healing. His work confronts prejudices and advocates against social inequality and creates a platform for critical self-reflexivity within unwelcoming spaces. Mgibe’s public and site-specific performances interrogate the dynamics of site, place and culture

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