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Sometimes in between journal releases we share things we're listening to... 

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Notes from September 30th 2019

A few years ago, copying my friend Lexi, I started making these monthly playlists. At some point they became pretty integral to my creative practice — a far more interesting and reliable version of rehearsal notes. Madison and I have talked for a long time about making and sharing LOCULUS mixes — songs we’ve performed to, rehearse to, send each other when we don’t have time to actually talk. So here ya go, some tracks for the new year and the last day of September — Shana Tova and happy fucking fall to the goyim homies - ozf

Photo: downtown Los Angeles // March 2019 // 35mm negative scan by Olana Z Flynn

Notes From November 12, 2019

I gave myself the impossible task of making a Neil Young playlist to celebrate his birthday this year. Here it is — some classics, some not as classic classics, some the man played on, some he wrote and gave away, and some covers that I think are weird or good (but that all inevitably pale in comparison to the originals). Here’s to Neil and to having parents and uncles who make sure you know what’s what before you even know how to have opinions about music. - ozf

Image: back side of Neil Young needlepoint by Olana Z Flynn

neil young playlist.jpg
songs for winter.jpg

Notes from January 21 2020​

I’m living in the cold for the first time since 2016 and am doing it right posted up solo in a little beach town so here are some songs for winter. None of them have anything to do with winter or the cold. -ozf

Photo: 67 steps beach // greenport ny // 35 mm double exposure // by Olana Z Flynn

Notes from February 9, 2020

greetings from resident venusian madison who has more than once been accused of being in love with being in love. well fuck it. i present to you: “is it love or is it lust? songs to fuck, dance, and cry to”. filled with some obvious bangers and more obscure songs that have accompanied me through the euphoria of new luv and despair. lean into the big feelings bbs.



IMAGES: Betty Page, a black hole, unknown bondage model from 1950s, Martha Graham dancers, diagram of an eyeball


Notes from May 22, 2020

dropping this psycho playlist that we made at the very beginning of quarantine. what can we say? there’s some bangers, some odd choices, some diamonds in the rough...all reflective of that early quar time feeling of despair, boredom, and bewilderment. enjoy!


cover art by madison

This playlist was also used to make a COVID-19 quarantine video project: 24 songs • 12 from each of us • odd # tracks and vids contributed and loosely directed by Madison and made by Olana • even # tracks and vids contributed and loosely directed by Olana and made by Madison • edited using every cheesy iMovie transition by Olana

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